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Luckiefun’s loyalty app

Download the Luckiefun’s loyalty app on your phone from the App Store or Google Play. The app is easy to use: show your personal QR code to the cashier, get a stamp, and you’re on your way to some free sushi!

How to use the app

Open the app and show your personal QR code at the cashier every time you eat at our sushi buffet. Each meal at Luckiefun’s helps you gain more stamps. You need 10 stamps to complete a stamp pass and enjoy a free meal. There is no time limit to collecting the stamps or claiming the free meals you have earned.

More free sushi on higher levels

Once you complete your first stamp pass, the levels will be activated and you’ll enter the heavy-weight world of professional sumo wrestling – or in this case, start earning even more free meals. There are six different levels on the Luckiefun’s app, and you need a specified number of completed stamp passes to climb to a new level. The amount of completed stamp passes required gets higher for every new level, but the good news is that so does the number of free meals you earn.

Long story short: Use the Luckiefun’s app and you can earn free sushi by eating sushi. Itadakimasu!

System requirements

The Luckiefun’s loyalty app is available for iOS and Android operating systems. The app requires 9.0 or newer iOS version and 4.1 or newer Android version. More information is available on the App Store and Google Play.